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Fully furnished. Flexible. Perfectly connected.

Cubus130 | Micro Apartments in Frankfurt am Main

Are you new to Frankfurt and looking for an apartment - or in the city for a longer but limited period of time?
Welcome to Cubus130: Our micro apartments are the perfect compromise between a hotel and your own apartment. Your fully furnished micro apartment offers you 19 to 47 m² of living space including a kitchen and workspace.

The location at Goldsteinstrasse 130 in Frankfurt-Niederrad guarantees quick access to the city center and airport.

It couldn't be more convenient: choose a furnished apartment, pack your bags, come to Frankfurt, move into your apartment and feel at home! No need to lug furniture around or stress about moving. Temporary living - the clever alternative for anyone who wants to stay flexible.

Temporary living

You decide how long you want to stay. Temporary furnished rental - the solution for business people, interns, young professionals or students. In short, for anyone who is in Frankfurt for a limited time. Who know that they will be leaving the city again and for whom it is not worth renting an apartment. But who still value privacy and comfort. That's why our apartments are the popular alternative to a hotel. Simply rent for a limited time - practical!

We would like to point out that renting an apartment for less than 6 months is subject to VAT. In this case, the warm rent is subject to 7% VAT. If you intend to rent for longer than 6 months when you sign the contract, the rental is VAT-free.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Equipment: High-quality and with many extras

From your own kitchen to a WLAN workstation

Your Cubus130 | Micro apartment meets all the requirements of a temporary home - thanks to numerous additional options that can be booked if required, you can also arrive at short notice and with minimal luggage. And you can do this whenever you want, as we guarantee access to your apartment via our digital locking system. The Micro Apartments are available in the Greenwood and Studioline versions.

  • Studioline: stylish design with a clean look for trend-conscious living.
  • Greenwood: warm colors guarantee the perfect feel-good atmosphere.

"Temporary living" at Cubus130 - be inspired by our impressions

Additional services

As our tenant, you have the option of booking various additional services for a fee. For example, we are happy to rent you an underground parking space for 110 euros per month. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

We also offer car-sharing cars in the underground garage, a cleaning service, laundry facilities in the basement and extra furnishings for your apartment via cooperation partners.

Contact: competent and personal

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about Cubus130 | Micro Apartments? We are here for you!

Book and move in around the clock: Rent your micro apartment conveniently online. If you have any questions or need help, we are happy to help you from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and Friday from 8 am to 12:30 pm:

FAQ's Cubus 130 | Micro Apartements

How are the apartments equipped?

  • A wardrobea bed with mattress (2000x1000cm)
  • a fitted kitchenette with fridge, microwave with grill function, 2-plate ceramic hob and a stainless steel built-in sink
  • two chairs
  • a desk
  • a wardrobe with mirror
  • renovated bathroom with shower, WC and washbasin

The furnishings of the apartments are identical. The only difference is that the larger apartments also have a chest of drawers and a separate table.

What do I have to bring myself?
The tenant is responsible for bringing their own inventory such as crockery, pots and pans and all other kitchen utensils, bed linen and bed covers, bathroom utensils and personal items.

May I change/design the apartment?
We have thoughtfully designed and furnished the apartments. You are therefore not allowed to remove any furniture or bring in any additional furniture (exception: balcony furniture). It is also not permitted to attach any fixings - i.e. no nails, dowels, power strips etc. and no picture frames, posters etc. on walls or doors.

Is it permitted to keep pets?
No. Pets of any kind are not permitted in our furnished apartments - for reasons of hygiene and out of consideration for allergy sufferers.

Can I view a show apartment?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a tour of Cubus130. Please refer to our homepage for the various floor plans. Here you will soon find a 360° tour of the individual apartment types.

How can I rent an apartment?
You are welcome to visit our homepage www.cubus130.de to find out about the types of apartments available. Select your desired apartment type and send us a binding request. We will check the availability of your request. If we can provide you with an apartment for the desired period, we will send you all the necessary documents digitally.

When is a tenancy agreement concluded?
A tenancy agreement is concluded when we provide you with all the documents after checking availability. We will send you a rental confirmation together with all the necessary documents. You have a withdrawal period of 14 days after receipt of the rental confirmation. Once this period has expired, the tenancy agreement is legally valid and you are obliged to pay the first rent and the deposit.

Can I cancel this tenancy agreement?
Yes, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal after receipt of the rental confirmation, which you will receive from us by e-mail

What documents do I need to conclude the contract?
Please complete our binding inquiry form. Here you will be asked for all the necessary data to legally conclude a rental contract in Cubus130.

Do I need bank details?
Yes, payment of the first rent and the deposit before the start of the tenancy is made by bank transfer. Subsequently, payment of the rent will only be made by SEPA direct debit. You will receive the form by e-mail when you receive the tenancy agreement.

Can I become a tenant even though I am still a minor?
No, as minors do not have legal capacity.

How many residents can live in the apartment?
Our apartments are designed exclusively for occupancy by one person. They are therefore only rented to single persons.

What is the maximum length of time I can rent the apartment for?
The tenancy agreement is concluded for an indefinite period, but we only rent our apartments for temporary use. You will need a reason for renting, stating that you only need the apartment for temporary use.

Who do I report damage/defects to?
Please send us a damage report by e-mail to Cubus130[at]naheimst.de, preferably with pictures of the damage. We are currently working on a digital solution.

On what day can I move in?
On the day the tenancy starts

Can I move in on another day?
You can move in at a later date, but not earlier. If you need the apartment earlier, please take this into account when concluding the rental agreement on the relevant date.

Can I authorize someone to hand over the apartment?
The Cubus130 property has a digital locking system. There is no apartment handover with an employee of Nassauische Heimstätte/Wohnstadt. You will receive your digital key before the start of your tenancy and can move into your apartment at any time.

How many keys will I receive?
You can create up to three key cards yourself at our self-service terminal.

How do I enter my postal address?
Your doorbell and letterbox are simply labeled with your apartment number.

How and when do I pay my deposit?
With your rental confirmation you will receive the bank details for payment of the first rent and the deposit, as well as the payment deadline. In order to be able to send you the digital key, we must receive a payment on our rental account or you must send us a current proof of payment.

It is possible for you to pay the deposit in three installments. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Can I also pay my deposit as a deposit guarantee or deposit insurance?
No, you must pay the deposit by bank transfer before the start of the rental period.

How and when do I pay my rent?
The rent is always collected from your current account on the 1st of the month by SEPA direct debit.

Which payment methods can I choose?
We work exclusively with the SEPA direct debit procedure. However, you can also pay via Paypal on request.

How do I pay for the services I have booked?
You pay for the additional chargeable services directly to the respective provider.

What is included in my inclusive rent?
We generate an inclusive rent, which means that all known operating costs as well as internet and electricity are already included in the rent. No operating and heating costs are billed.

Is there a TV connection?
No, the apartment has neither a TV connection nor a TV. If you would like to watch TV, we ask you to stream the program via the Internet and bring a suitable streaming-capable TV set.

What fee-based services are available?

  • Important: You pay for the services you use directly to the relevant service provider. Payment is not made via us.
  • 4 -Car-Sharing parking spaces - Stadtmobil
  • Cleaning service - www.maideasy.de Here you can book your desired cleaner cubus130.maideasy.de
  • Digital laundry room in the basement - we wash / we-wash.com(3 washing machines and 2 dryers are currently available).
  • For inventory (dishes, kitchen utensils, bed linen, towels, etc.) that you do not want to bring with you, you can find out about offers from our service provider Roomhero:

Wiktoria Podsiadly
Send e-mail
Phone +49 160 2078 501

How do I reserve a parking space?
An underground parking space can be selected and rented via our website, please note that the entrance height is only 1.80m. You should bear this in mind when renting an underground parking space and when selecting your vehicle.

Can I rent a parking space without an apartment?
You are welcome to rent a parking space in our underground garage. You will be given access to our underground garage with a transponder. Please note that VAT will be charged when renting a parking space if you have not rented an apartment in Cubus130.

What does a parking space cost?
A parking space costs 110 euros per month.

  1. Cancellation is permitted at the latest on the third working day of a calendar month to the end of the following month. You are welcome to send us your notice of termination earlier if you know the end of your stay.
  2. The notice of termination must be sent to us by post with your original signature. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to accept termination in digital form.

On what day do I have to move out?
The tenancy ends at the end of the day of the confirmed notice period. The digital key and your key card are invalid at the end of this day.

What must my apartment look like for the handover?
The apartment must be returned in a contractually compliant and clean condition. Further information can be found in your rental agreement.